Paraiba Tourmaline

About 600 million years ago, a unique geological event created the most spectacular gemstone variety of the tourmaline group – the Paraiba tourmaline. The Paraiba tourmaline was first found in Brazil in the late 80's, then in Nigeria in 2000 and later on in Mozambique, in 2004.

The unveiling of the Paraiba tourmaline, when first perceived by the human eyes, creates a strong emotional impact, due to its sparkling and vivid blue color. It is love at first sight: the gem has an inner light of its own, a neon or electrical splendorous blue that talks to the heart. It is pure emotion!

Tourmalines come in many colors, including blue (indicolite), but, due to the presence of small traces of copper and manganese, a new, unique and vivid turquoise or neon blue to blue-green color never seen before was found, which made it possible to establish a new gemological variety of this tourmaline, named "Paraiba" tourmaline by the trade.

The gemstone world was captivated from the very beginning by the beauty and spirited colors of the Paraiba tourmaline. In no time at all they achieved great popularity, and today they are among the most sought-after and most expensive gemstones in the world. Prices are expected to keep climbing, as demand is increasing in a faster pace than supply. Five-figure prices per carat are by no means exceptional for fine quality neon blue and neon blue-green gemstones over five carats.

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